Special Meeting Jcares

There is a special JCARES meeting tonight to prepare for next Saturdays Strawberry Plains Half Marathon. All JCARES members and other interested amateur radio operators are invited to attend. The meeting will be held at the usual JCARES monthly meeting location: EMS Station 3 in WhitePine, Tn.  The meeting will commence at 6 PM.

2018 Hamfest

Thank you all for an amazing turn out to this years HAMFEST!

An amazing group of people came together to put this event on! However with everything we had some unfortunate growing pains and we will strive to improve on those for next year! That being said we had the largest tailgate turn out since we moved into our Host venue at the Walters State Expo Center!!!! Who by the way we can not express enough thanks to!!! John Baldy and his staff has been incredible to us over the years, but this year they went above the top!!! Thank you to our sponsors as guest speakers for An awesome presentation(s). As soon as we get a few things ironed out we will post pics and other fun facts!!! Again The LARC family thanks EVERYONE involved with putting the event on!!!!!
73 and more to come!!!!!