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Recently I bought several "mobile" and/or "portable" type antennas to try out. This Wolf River Coil and Buddy-pole whip combination here was one that worked pretty decent for me, making contacts to Washington state, Florida, & Arizona from a local park on 40w of power and a decent radial field spread out. After trying out several antenna types, I'm thinning the herd so to speak of ones that probably won't see a lot of use from me. This Wolf River Coil and Buddy-pole whip combo is one of those. I'm asking $75 for the combo, the coil is 40m-10m and works but sliding the tune ring up or down on the coil. The Buddy-pole whip is 10' long when extended and has 3/8x24 threads on it, collapsed I think it's like 18-20" long. If interested send me a message or comment on here...thanks for reading ...

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I have a mission to re-stain Gloria & Keith's home this coming Saturday. I'd like to know who would be interested in helping. Gloria will provide lunch. I can provide a ride down for 1-2 people, as I'll have ladders and gear in my truck. ...

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run over to your radio, right now, like ten minutes, on Tuesday nights at 7pm on W2IQ. Plenty of Ham Radio going on this month, 4th Thursday Monthly Meeting back in Morristown this month, and then it is Mountain Makins in Morristown on the weekend of the 28th....and probably so much more....not even counting the planning going on for Hamfest....and Builders Group....Workstations are built, TIME TO ORDER YOUR BITX40....Jack Purdum coming to Builders Fest on Jan 6, Arduino and Ham Radio Roundtable and Homebrewing Tips and Tricks.....stay tuned ...

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So much for getting the website all caught up….didn’t happen…too much building going on. I got elmered this week….plenty to share.

Hope you are able to join us tomorrow at 2pm at the Jeff City Library. Be sure to share this meeting with all interested. Invite a friend, carry all others….

On the Agenda….

2pm…..get to the big room….leave your tools and projects in your car, bring yourself, notebook, and something to write with, as the meeting starts in like….right away…so take the first 5 minutes and help us get the room setup for the program.

1) Workstation Build, demonstration, reasoning, where are we going with this….
2) Order your BitX40’s….now is the time, reason will be explained during program….How much does it cost? Where and How to buy? All revealed...
3) Next 6 months of our flexible program will be revealed, and how it ties into Hamfest and our first Builders Fest…and so much more.
4) Short, very short Electronics 101 part of program revealed...
4) All of the above in just a short little program…
5) then, Go to your car and get your stuff, whatever you have to start building, either the program item, or your open hack…and as always, please show and tell, as the reason for a group is to collaborate and share our journeys.

6) End of meeting…don’t leave the cleanup to anyone else…or these meetings will end. The library doesn’t clean up. Practice the Radio Amateur’s Code. Leave the room better than it was when you arrived. And if a lot of Program materials were brought in, help in getting them out of the room, you are not finished with the meeting when you are finished with your project….that is what it means to be part of a group.


Builders Notebook, pen, pencil, etc…
This months project:
1) 2 sheets of Lexan, plexiglass, acrylic of whatever size your like. Program is recommending 8” x 10” cost is between $3 to $5.
1) 1 length of square dowel, whatever size you like. Program is recommending a 3/4 “ finished square dowel of 20” length total. 2 ea of 10”.
3) About 15 wood screws and finish washers, like pictured on Facebook and Website. Alternates abound, imagination is limitless. What was chosen was in my junk box.

A small number of workstation materials will be on hand, first come first served, offered up at cost. Suggest if you want to build, totally optional, stop at Lowes in Jeff City just before the meeting and pick up what you need, or at your favorite hardware outlet.

There will be all tools necessary for cutting the Lexan to size for front and back panels, cutting the dowels, and for drilling the most common size holes. This will be demonstrated as all of this can be done without power tools.

See you Saturday 14th October at Jefferson City Library at 2:00 pm.

Kilo Mike 4 Yankee Echo Charlie

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