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By Maria Somma, AB1FM, ARRL VEC Manager

Online Examinations and Remote Testing

Your club’s VE team can become part of the fun and excitement of remotely administered Online Examinations.

The remote exam sessions are conducted using an online video conferencing platform and a web-based examination system with on-screen tests. ARRL VE teams have had the option to be completely electronic since June 2020 by using online exams. The online exams can also be utilized at in-person sessions automating most of the process, for a fully electronic in-person session experience.

VE teams have been using the Exam.Tools Online Examination system for remote video and in-person sessions. Over 25,000 applicants have been tested through the Online Examinations system in the past two years. The system works well for online or printed examinations and includes registering and tracking candidates throughout the session, on screen exams and grading, online signing of CSCE and 605 forms by the candidate and examiners, logging and compiling session stats and VE participation list (test report summary), and output files for upload to the coordinating VEC. The program manages and handles almost everything needed to conduct a test session. Time and experience with in-person exam sessions is invaluable when transitioning to remote video-supervised online exam sessions.

Interested ARRL VE teams must contact the VEC department to receive the online exams instructions and remote video session procedures.

Not a VE? Become one today!

Visit http://www.arrl.org/become-an-arrl-ve

Electronically File Exam Session Documents for Quicker Service

After the session has concluded, VE teams can upload in-person documents or remote video session files via ARRL VEC’s secure web page (program service option since 2018).

New and upgraded licenses are issued within 1 to 2 business days for weekend sessions and are usually issued on the same day for weekday sessions.

Please contact the VEC department for the information and instructions on electronically filing exam session documents through our upload page. Authorized VEs will be sent the upload page URL which, is hidden from the public.

Resources for ARRL VEs

The ARRL VEC VE Resources page offers the information you will need to help conduct exam session business. Our support page offers easy access to session forms and information, online examinations, remote video session instructions, VE Manual supplemental information, FCC rules, basic qualification question procedures, and much more. There is also some helpful information for the community, such as preparation resources for candidates, in-person and remote video exam session search, vanity call sign information, and more.

The ARRL VE Newsletter relays important updates relating to FCC rule or policy changes, exam session document or procedural changes, video sessions, and other topics. VEs can sign up for the newsletter at https://reflector.arrl.org/mailman/listinfo/ve-list

We appreciate your service to the amateur radio community!