We received this note from a fellow Ham, check it out.

I have been a 63 years a Ham, members of several clubs, been to many meetings & activities; so what stands out the best ?
When this old ‘buzzard’  learns something new !!

This April’s LARC meeting “Make it yourself”  tops the list. Craig & Dale’s presentation was packed full of the:  ‘What to build’, ‘How to build’ and all that’s left is : ‘When to build’.
Then the answer folks is a resounding ‘NOW’ !!

Craig & Dale’s rejuvenation of Ham Radio’s most important purpose i.e. “make something yourself” was remarkable.
We ‘Can Hams’  builders group puts us back in charge of what equipment is functioning in our own station (fixed or mobile) and that WE can make it  ourselves.

 Well Done LARC , Jim Sipprell  W4OBY

One thought on “63 years a Ham”

  1. I have been a Ham for about 6 months, member of one Amateur Radio Club, and one of my best moments so far as a Ham, is to be mentioned by an Ole Timer, who I look forward to learning so much about being a Ham in working together in this Builders Group, to see what ‘We Can’ build as ‘Hams’.

    Thanks, W4OBY, for joining in on the fun.


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